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Recorded on 11-09-2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rob's Sincerest Apologies and an Offer

OK, so it seems that I am the problem (a fact that Dan could've told me a long time ago, and, now that I think about it, probably did had I listened to him), and I am sorry. But it seems that this year--the football season of 2008-09--any team with which I am even vaguely associated is doing as poorly as any movie with Paris Hilton in it.

Here are the facts:

  • The University of Tennessee (I am a lifetime fan.): They are presently experiencing a 7-loss season, only the second in the team's history, and if they don't beat both Vanderbilt and Kentucky, they will experience their first 8-loss or even 9-loss season ever. Plus, in all 120 Div. IA schools, the Vols are presently 115th in offense. To add insult to injury, Tennessee just lost to the 120th (i.e., dead freakin' last) offensive team in the nation--Wyoming. By the way, my cousin is Phillip Fulmer's agent, so that can't help.

  • The University of Washington and Washington State University (I live in Washington.): Presently, these two schools are a combined 1-20, have been outscored 932-278, and rank as the 118th and 119th offensive teams in the nation.

  • The San Diego Chargers (I lived in San Diego for 6 years and became a big fan.): Even though most expert prognosticators believed that this was to be San Diego's year, the year they take the Super Bowl, because of their awesome defense and their balanced offense, they are presently 4-5 and struggling to win a very weak AFC West Division. In fact, the Chargers are dead last in the league in pass defense, 26th (out of 32) in total defense (in terms of total yards allowed), and 25th in offensive rushing yards gained (with LT!!!!). I blame Norv; he blames me.

  • The Seattle Seahawks (Again, for those of you not paying attention, I live in Washington.): This was to be a wonderful send-off to Coach Holmgren, possibly even making a Super Bowl run; however, they are currently 2-7, which puts them as either 2nd or last in the easiest division in football, the NFC West. They are 31st in the league in pass defense, 27th in total defense (in terms of total yards allowed), and 30th in offensive total yards gained. I blame the plethora of injuries that have decimated the team this year; Holmgren blames me.

So, allow me to offer the following to the preceding teams: I am willing to listen to any and all financial offers to sell my loyalties away from your teams. In these harsh financial times, I will eschew any sense of sports integrity I may still have and sell my fanhood to some other teams; in fact, I will allow you to pick the teams as long as the money is right. Please understand that because I am not a one-team man, I will whore myself out to as many teams as are willing to pony up the bank. Please have the money in small bills delivered to my house directly with the contract you wish me to sign in hand. Make me an offer! I am willing to listen! I'm a public school teacher, for God's sake!

I swear I'm serious! I've listed it on eBay and on Craig's List!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Love Gymnastics, Too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Philadephia Eagles' Recent Locker Room Talk

Eagles' wide receiver Hank Baskett recently became engaged to one of Hugh Hefner's three "girlfriends" from the "Girls Next Door" reality TV series--Kendra Wilkinson. Here are some overheard comments from the locker room once his teammates got wind of the situation:

  • Time for a little Hanky-Panky, eh?
  • What's it like putting the biscuit in that Baskett?
  • Which one is she? The one with the fake boobs or the stupid one?
  • Oh sh#@! Another Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo curse!
  • That wasn't very nice, Hank, stealing your great-grandpa's girlfriend and all.
  • An eagle grabs his bunny! Hello, dinner!
  • So, what's she like naked? Oh, forget it. I can see for myself!
  • Be careful, Hank! Why do you think Hef has agreed to give her away at the wedding?
  • Hank and Kendra, sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! (A classic!)
  • Can I get a copy of your sex tape for free when you guys make one and then pretend it's stolen after you sell it to some websites so that both of you then skyrocket to Hollywood fame?
  • A jock and a playmate--how completely cliche! (The kicker said this one in a rather scathingly jealous tone, methinks.)
  • Two words, Hank--Pre Nup!
  • OK, who's got the pool going for how long this will last? I've got "less than six months." Anyone else want in?

Did anyone else hear some comments? Please do share with the rest of the Sports Wannabes Nation.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

They put their pants on just like we do!

That was the classic response from Lou Holtz, past Notre Dame college football coach, when asked about his chances of beating an obviously lesser opponent.

If you've listened to the recent podcast from 11-09, you will have noted that I referred to a Dan Patrick impersonation of Lou Holtz that I found quite funny.

Well, with no further ado, click HERE to listen to Daniel wax 'Fighting Irish' poetic. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

As an added, but completely unrelated to Dan Nation bonus, I found in my searches for the Dan Patrick piece, another gem of an impersonation. The YouTube video link is HERE.

Enjoy them both!


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

5 Things That Chap My A@@ (in no particular order)

I will get right to the point. Enjoy!

1 Shannon Sharpe - PLEASE learn how to enunciate without
drooling before you even attempt to try to explain what happened during the 1st half of the Pats/Bills game. Even Lou Holtz is saying "what did he jus thay?"

2 The MTL (More Taste League) commercials by Miller Lite - Please don't tell me that the executives at the Miller Brewing Company got together and said "THAT'S a brilliant marketing scheme designed to draw in the moronic beerdrinkers of the world."IT WORKED!!!! I guess it's a Fantasy Beer League. Also, John C. McGinley (Commissioner), fire your agent.

3 Teams 3-10 in the BCS - REfreakingLAX. It's a long season. Let's not
have a coronary because you are not in the top 2 with a month left.
We all know you beat so-and-so, who beat so-and-so, who lost by 70 to so-and-so. We know YOUR conference is the best and all the others are having a "down" year. It'll all work out how it works out. That's what December is for. It gives a whole month to bitch and complain (justifiably) about how the system is flawed and we need SOMEkind of a playoff. That is not in dispute. Let us (I mean us NON-TOP 10 teams) enjoy whats left of our disappointing season. We will have plenty of time to play this game.

4 Yankee/Red Sox Fans - SHUT UP! Let others play.
Don't be the sore loser on the playground who lost and now you have to reluctantly give the court. Step aside and wait your turn. You are NOT the only one out there. You WILL get your chance again soon. Play Nice!!

5 Miley Cyrus - I Just Don't Like You!

Lose the 'tude!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Worthlessness of College Cheerleaders

I will seek absolution later for what I'm about to do in this blog now, but this three-year college cheerleader letterman (via my awesome mascotting skills) is about to disparage the entity known as college cheerleaders. Hypocrisy? Perhaps. Nonetheless, it needs to be said.

First, a few disclaimers:
  1. I'm not talking about professional cheerleaders. Their entire purpose on this planet (and this is certainly no secret to anyone who is breathing at this present moment) is to be sugary-sweet eye candy to a bunch of beer-swiggin' buffoons both in the stands and on their couches. Talentless, yes, but they're not hired for their talent. They're paid for their looks, their bods, and their willingness to wear next-ta-nuttin' for several hours a week in front of thousands of people (i.e., "libido apes").

  2. Mascots are still very valuable. They still deserve a great deal of credit. In fact, they are the best part of some of the teams this year (I'm looking at you, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprechaun Dude!). Therefore, they are not included in my little rant.

Now that that's out of the way, I wish to do my disparaging.

  1. Formulaic cheers--When was the last time you heard a cheerleading squad start one of their cutesy, learned-this-one-at-summer-cheer-camp cheers, complete with their stilted movements, and that cheer immediately became an uproarious crowd sensation, shaking the very foundation of the stadium itself and putting fear into the other team's players? I'll answer that one myself--never! The only cheers that work are the ones that fans start and the cheerleaders leech onto as if they are the ones "leading" that cheer.
  2. Formulaic stunts--What's the point? Seriously, are you trying to prove that with certain movements, you are "athletes"? Just because a 200-pound male cheerleader (i.e., a dude who played 3rd-string football in high school and couldn't even get close to making the cut in college) can toss a 90-pound female cheerleader (i.e., a cupey-doll waif of a human being whose make-up bag weighs more than she does) in the air, what does that prove? Again, I'll field that one myself--nothing!
  3. Formulaic dances--If you're particularly sensual in shakin' your perfectly sculpted booty to the delight of every drop of testosterone within a 100-mile radius, then where should you be? Correct! On the school's dance team (i.e., the minor league farm system of professional cheerleading), not on the cheer squad. Thus, those 90-second dance routines you worked on for the past month and a half and that you're presently trying to pull off in front of a crowd are more awkward to watch than a 6th grade co-ed dance. Don't--just don't.

Anyway, I know that I have just condemned my soul to ex-cheerleader perdition for all of eternity, but I felt that the Truth was greater than my own soul. It simply needed to be said.

Now, it's simply time for the collegiate cheerleading squad to realize it has overstayed its welcome and to go the way of the American female beauty pageant, Vanilla Ice, Thanksgiving fruit cakes, and Sarah Palin (I can dream!)--and that way is A-WAY. Forever.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Torn.

As a long-time Volunteer fan, I want to give Phillip Fulmer another chance.

You see, he was the one who . . .
  • brought Tennessee back to national prominence after years of Johnny Majors' mediocrity,
  • brought a national title to Rocky Top,
  • was 45-5 from 1995-98 with 2 SEC championships,
  • took his team to the SEC championship 5 times in the last 11 years (more than any other team in the SEC over that stretch),
  • ran a clean program for the entire 17 years he was there,
  • dedicated 30 years of his life to Tennessee football as player and coach.
BUT . . .

As a long-time Volunteer fan, I want to give Phillip Fulmer the boot.

You see, he was the one who . . .

  • has gone 17-26 against ranked opponents since 2000;
  • hasn't brought an SEC championship back to Rocky Top since '98;
  • has been left behind by the likes of Spurrier, Richt, and Saban in the SEC;
  • is presently the head of a team ranked 114th in total offense out of 120 I-A teams;
  • must win out just to have a .500 season;
  • is the highest paid public employee in the state for nothing more than mediocrity (a la his predecessor).

I'm still torn, but I feel it's a shame that this man who has done so much for the program is ruled by the "What-Have-You-Done-For-Us-Lately?" rule. It makes me appreciate the likes of Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden even more, for in this day and age of college football, I don't believe we'll ever see the likes of them again.

Good luck, Phil.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not a Good Year to Be a Football Fan in the State of Washington

I was trying to think of the worst pair of major collegiate football teams from one state, so the following list easily came to mind:
  • New Mexico Lobos and New Mexico State Aggies

  • Mississippi Rebels and Mississippi State Bulldogs

  • Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks

  • Tennessee Volunteers and Memphis Tigers (at least this year)

But, alas, this year there are two that are remaking the mold for state football futility--the Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars.

Here are the facts through Week 9 of the 2009 season:

Washington State Cougars:

  • Have allowed more than 55 points five times in the PAC 10 this season

  • Have allowed more than 300 rushing yards five times in the PAC 10 this season

  • Have already set a conference mark for most points given up in a single season (350), yet there are still 3 games to go

  • Are presently 1-8, with the lone victory coming against Portland State, a I-AA team

Washington Huskies:

  • Are the last winless team in all of I-A football with an 0-8 mark

  • Have already learned that their coach will "step down" at the end of the season

  • Compiled only 35 total first-half yards and 2 first-half first downs against USC's 325 and 18, respectively, yesterday

  • Actually received "pity applause" from the USC fans yesterday when they got their first first down midway through the second quarter

So, to recap, the 2 Washington football teams were outscored 114-0 yesterday.

Oh yeah--and they suck!

Beat that, other states!

P.S. By the way, as a little bit of a side note, the Seattle Seahawks are presently 2-5 (tied for second in a very weak division); the Seattle Mariners were 61-101 (second worst record in all of MLB); and the Seattle SuperSonics simply had to get out and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. I guess it's simply not a good time to be a sports fan in the state of Washington, eh?

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A True Sportsman or a Complete Loser?


(Source: abcnews.com)

Feather Gloves and an Iron Heart
After 256 Losses in 19 Years, Peter Buckley Won His Final Bout

Nov. 1, 2008
RSS Boxer Peter Buckley is not exactly a boxing champion, but do not tell him that.

The fighter from Birmingham, England, won the last fight of his career Friday -- a rare feat for a man who has lost 256 of his 300 fights, but one that is oddly an appropriate end to a journey that was a battle all the way.

Buckley told "Good Morning America" that he doesn't know why he kept fighting for so long.

"I don't know exactly myself, but I love boxing," he said. "I've always loved fighting."

Despite his less-than-stellar record, the Birmingham bloke has never been knocked out.

"I've been stopped, but I've always ended up on my feet," he said. "Suppose I got a good chin. Got good defensive skills and plenty of heart."

For everyone that feels the urge to call Buckley a loser, though, he has a message:

"Them people don't know me, right?" he said. "They never met me, never spoke to me. They don't know what I'm about. They can't say I'm a winner [or] loser. But you find out if you are a real man once you get in those square ropes."
So, sports wannabes, what do you think? Is this dude a true sportsman or a complete loser? We'll take your comments, compile them into an aggregated spreadsheet, and then do nothing with them, so be sure to leave your thoughts below.

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