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Recorded on 11-09-2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Torn.

As a long-time Volunteer fan, I want to give Phillip Fulmer another chance.

You see, he was the one who . . .
  • brought Tennessee back to national prominence after years of Johnny Majors' mediocrity,
  • brought a national title to Rocky Top,
  • was 45-5 from 1995-98 with 2 SEC championships,
  • took his team to the SEC championship 5 times in the last 11 years (more than any other team in the SEC over that stretch),
  • ran a clean program for the entire 17 years he was there,
  • dedicated 30 years of his life to Tennessee football as player and coach.
BUT . . .

As a long-time Volunteer fan, I want to give Phillip Fulmer the boot.

You see, he was the one who . . .

  • has gone 17-26 against ranked opponents since 2000;
  • hasn't brought an SEC championship back to Rocky Top since '98;
  • has been left behind by the likes of Spurrier, Richt, and Saban in the SEC;
  • is presently the head of a team ranked 114th in total offense out of 120 I-A teams;
  • must win out just to have a .500 season;
  • is the highest paid public employee in the state for nothing more than mediocrity (a la his predecessor).

I'm still torn, but I feel it's a shame that this man who has done so much for the program is ruled by the "What-Have-You-Done-For-Us-Lately?" rule. It makes me appreciate the likes of Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden even more, for in this day and age of college football, I don't believe we'll ever see the likes of them again.

Good luck, Phil.

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1 comment:

Rob Archer said...

Forget it. He freakin' lost to Wyoming! And he secured only the second 7-loss season in school history! Don't let the door spank you on your fat ass on the way out, Phil!