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Recorded on 11-09-2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

5 Things That Chap My A@@ (in no particular order)

I will get right to the point. Enjoy!

1 Shannon Sharpe - PLEASE learn how to enunciate without
drooling before you even attempt to try to explain what happened during the 1st half of the Pats/Bills game. Even Lou Holtz is saying "what did he jus thay?"

2 The MTL (More Taste League) commercials by Miller Lite - Please don't tell me that the executives at the Miller Brewing Company got together and said "THAT'S a brilliant marketing scheme designed to draw in the moronic beerdrinkers of the world."IT WORKED!!!! I guess it's a Fantasy Beer League. Also, John C. McGinley (Commissioner), fire your agent.

3 Teams 3-10 in the BCS - REfreakingLAX. It's a long season. Let's not
have a coronary because you are not in the top 2 with a month left.
We all know you beat so-and-so, who beat so-and-so, who lost by 70 to so-and-so. We know YOUR conference is the best and all the others are having a "down" year. It'll all work out how it works out. That's what December is for. It gives a whole month to bitch and complain (justifiably) about how the system is flawed and we need SOMEkind of a playoff. That is not in dispute. Let us (I mean us NON-TOP 10 teams) enjoy whats left of our disappointing season. We will have plenty of time to play this game.

4 Yankee/Red Sox Fans - SHUT UP! Let others play.
Don't be the sore loser on the playground who lost and now you have to reluctantly give the court. Step aside and wait your turn. You are NOT the only one out there. You WILL get your chance again soon. Play Nice!!

5 Miley Cyrus - I Just Don't Like You!

Lose the 'tude!

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