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Recorded on 11-09-2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Parity Smarity

Give me a Freakin break. I am so sick (and tired) of hearing about parity in college football, especially in the SEC. Based on what I am seeing this year, you can'y be serious. Don't go there..........no, let's go there!!!

OK, Ole Miss even being in the game with Florida is a disgrace. That game "should" have been a blow out.....oh wait a minute (little Dan on my shoulders whispers to me ""Parity") Obviously the Rebels have reached the pinnacle of college football and can now compete, on the road in the swamp, mind you, with Heisman (He coached at Clemson, by the way) Trophy winner Timothy the Great. People will call this an upset, BUT WAIT, if parity in the SEC exists, is this really an upset.....hmmmmmm.

Next, Vandy in the Top 25.......please don't make me address this. The last time the Commodores were in the Top 25, it was in 1978 with the hit Three Times a Lady. They are about as successful at football as NICOLE Richie is at acting.

Mississippi State, the other Bulldog. They must be good. They battled the other Tiger (Auburn)for 60 fascinating minutes, only to fall short 3-2, yes 3-2. Must be in the water in Mississippi. No Dan, it's not in the water......it's in the parity. Sorry I forgot.

USC, not that one, the one in South Carolina. This is a program that lost to Vandy (See above). Sir Spurrier and the Gamecocks aren't even the best team at their school. (They finished 3rd in the frat co-ed flag football intramural spring league). The almost beat almighty Georgia, I guess that makes them almost a football team.

Speaking of UGA. My TV at 9:33 pm EST has them down 31-3 in the 3rd quarter to on of only 2 legitimate teams in the SEC Alamama (LSU being the other,I will politely leave them alone in the post) They struggled to get by USC, and do so on a regular basis, and traditionally can't make it to the "Big Game"

Rocky Flop, Rocky Flop!! Oh so close!!! Lost to a UCLA squad who got throttled by a Ty Detmerless BYU. Then a Spurrierless Florida and now a Bo Jacksonless Auburn.

For all you SEC lovers out their, keep on livin' the dream. BTW, the new BS (oops BCS) polls are out:

1 Florida
2 Georgia
3 Alabama
5 Auburn
6 Ole Miss
7 Miss St
8 Tenn
9 Kentucky
10 Vandy
11 ArKansas
12 USC
13-212 Everyone else (We don't matter anyway)

There MUST be parity, there is no other reason for this unexplained football season we are seeing.

As a pathetic ACC fan, I will say that there IS parity in the our conference. ALL 12 teams are equally sucky!!

Hugs and kisses!!

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