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Recorded on 11-09-2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Exclusive Video of Harvick-Edwards Fight!

For all of you NASCAR fans out there, your sports wannabes have obtained an exclusive video of the actual physical fight between Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards from a few days ago! Please note that you will find this video nowhere else but here--not ESPN, not CBS Sports, not CNN SI, not even FOX News!

We are/should be your number one source of all things sports! Forget those other sports websites! They're obviously posers, or else they would have gotten the scoop on this story! But they didn't, and WE did! They're obviously the true sports wannabes, and the sports wannabes are the real deal (while still being sports wannabes)!

Thus, right now, before you forget about it, delete those "other" sports websites from both your "Favorites" list and your computer's "History." And put us where we rightfully belong--as the one and only site for your sports information needs!

Oh yeah. Here's the video.

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